1. Expedition team at Darcha

3. Robin Thomas sorting kit in Delhi

2. Steve, Jonathan and Emma kit-checking in Delhi

4. Visit to Red Fort in Delhi

5. Emma, Jonathan and Ben on Rohtang Pass

6. Heavy traffic on the road to Palamao

7. Camp on trek

8. Trekking to base camp

9. Benji and Russ take a dip at 4100m

10. Base camp

11. Dinner time at base camp

12. Climbing on to the glacier at 5000m

13. Glacier camp

14. Magnificent Gangsthang - climbed by us in 2007

15. Approaching the 5700m summit of the training peak

16. Damned MSR stoves! ben perseveres

17. Leading up the glacier to Pk 6184m

18. Under the face - the ascent took the left side

19. On the face on summit day

20. Climbing the upper face - camp 2 below

21. Dave on the summit

22. Robin on the summit

23. Summit view west to Menthosa

24. Don't bumslide here! Summit seat

25. Abseilign down the face

26. Hail the conquering heros - Benj and Dave

27. The next horizon - more unclimbed peaks and valleys for Spring 2011

Pk 6184m from Gangsthang