1 Evening showers over Evolene village

2 Morning cloud over Mont Collon above Arolla

3 Dan Harwood on upper N Face of Pt Marcel Kurz (AD)

4 Evening at the Carrel Hut on Italian Ridge of Matterhorn (Neil Johnson, Martyn Lock, Ed Drake)

5 Tim Wilson on S Ridge of Lagginhorn (AD)

6 Sundown at the Dent Blanche Bivouac Hut

7 Steve Potter and Paul Brown on the spectacular finale of the Grand Cornier SW Ridge

8 Mont Blanc summit Aug 18 (Rob Jarvis, Eddie Webster, Marie and Richard Curtis)

9 Stephan Rink on NE Face of Kingspitze (TD)

10 How green is my valley - a traverse on the Kingspitze face

11 On the final pinnacled ridge of the Kingspitze Aug 24

12 Evening over the Kingspitze group from Rosenlaui

13 Walking into the Cirque Maudit in the Mont Blanc range; Frontier Ridge behind

14 Paul Brown on the crucial traverse under the Pte de l'Androsace on Mt Maudit's Kuffner Route

15 Looking down the Frontier Ridge of Mt Maudit at top of the Kuffner Route

16 Dawn over Mont Blanc from the Frontier Ridge of Mt Maudit