1 Ferpecle Glacier - our school of ice

2 Crevasse rescue training

3 Ice wall on the Ferpecle Glacier, Evolene

4 Steep ice climbing in a moulin on the Ferpecle Glacier

5 Our base Chalet les Maures in Evolene

6 Apres climb - tea and cakes at our chalet

7 Ian Parkinson on the Breithorn traverse

8 Breathtaking exposure on the Breithorn traverse

9 Mad Marco, the Chief, and team at Langfluh hotel

10 Fly with Franklin - at Sion airport

11 North Face of Matterhorn during our flight

12 Summit ridge of the Monch

13 Mike Weaver on summit of Jungfrau

14 Andrew Nelson jugs up the long rope on the Eiger Mittellegi ridge

16 Finale of the Mittellegi Ridge

15 Our teams tip-toe along the final arete of the Mittellegi

17 Tete Rousse Hut 2am Mont Blanc team ready for battle

18 8.45am Summit of Mont Blanc

19 Martin Moran, Chris Kastavunis, Anna Wakefield and Justin Kent on top of Mont Blanc

20 Judith serves dinner back at the ranch

21 And then its party time in Evolene!

22 Stewart Mechie tackles the laybacks on Motorhead (E2, 5c) at Eldorado

23 Bill Shaw on the 15 pitch Septumania (E2, 5c) at Eldorado

24 Switzerland's finest granite slab climbing - Eldorado at Grimsel

25 Rog and Des meet their guide at the Arpitetta Hut

26 Then its off to the Weisshorn!

27 The Schalijoch bivouac hut

28 Dawn over the Zermatt peaks from the Schaligrat

29 Roger Owen on the Schaligrat (D)

30 Descending the Weisshorn NNW Ridge

31 Roger Owen and Des Winterbone begin the descent of the Weisshorn

32 16 hours into the day - sunset on the Weisshorn