1. The journey begins - roadhead town of Munsiari

2. The team leaves Munsiari

3. Trek route up the Gori Ganga gorge

4. Leaving Martoli for the final trek to base

5. Millions of Primula Denticulata carpeted the Lawan valley

7. Arrival at base camp under the awesome SE wall of NDeviEast

6. Dawn over Nanda Devi East from camp in Lawan valley

8. Mr Pandey and staff conduct puja blessing at base camp

9. Polish memorial at base camp

11. Nanda Devi twin peaks viewed during our ascent of Nanda Lapak

12. Rob Jarvis leading the ice pitches on Nanda Lapak

10. Recce mission towards Traill's Pass

13. John Venier and Leon Winchester enjoy a break during the ascent of 5782m Nanda Lapak

14. Rob belays Jim and Paul on final slope of Nanda Lapak

15. Snout of the Lawan Glacier

16. The camp on Longstaff's Col (5910m)

17. 1st pinnacle and Nanda Devi main peak from Longstaff's

18. Leon on ridge between 1st and 2nd pinnacles

19. Sunset over Nanda Devi Sanctuary from Longstaff's Col

21. Changuch NW Ridge

20. Changuch - route of first ascent

22. Changuch - upper NW Ridge from col camp

23. Steep snow-ice on summit ridge of Changuch

24. Rob leads the final ridge of Changuch

25. Paul and Ludar climb into the sun on Changuch summit ridge

26. Dawn over Nanda Devi from Changuch

27. Summit of Changuch 09.00 June 9th

28. Descending 55 deg slopes on Changuch

29. Traill's Pass route from Changuch

31. Dawn on the Traill's Pass crossing

32. Last view of Nanda Devi from Traill's Pass

30. Climbing the couloir to Traill's Pass

33. Three pukka sahibs in the footsteps of Mr Traill

34. Descending bad ground off Traill's Pass in the blizzard

35. The paradiscal Pindari appears

36. Dahlbhat at the shepherd's hut after a 13 hour day

37. Trekking down the Pindar. The bridge at Dwali

38. Maiktoli (6801m) from Khati in Pindari

39. The 'famous five' at Dhakuri Khal. Paul, Martin, Ludar, Rob and Leon

40. Homeward bound - a fnal sunset from Berinag