5 Reasons to Get Outdoors Whatever the Weather

Scotland is known for its wind and rain and often we see 4 seasons in a day. No matter what the weather throws at us, there is always a way to get outdoors and here’s why you should embrace it…

  1. If you are like us and live in Scotland or any country with a somewhat unpredictable forecast, then you are forced to find ways to love those wild weather days. If you waited for the perfect blue sky, then you would rarely leave the house!

  2. Getting outdoors in challenging conditions can help you improve your skills - map reading in gale force winds or testing how waterproof your gear actually is means you are prepared for anything. If conditions are particularly extreme, we suggest steering clear of high mountain days or if you do attempt more difficult objectives, enlist the expertise of a Guide.

  3. Even a low-level walk on a blustery day can blow the cobwebs away, get the blood pumping and get you closer to nature - that is something we all need a bit more of; why let the weather stop you. The reward of returning home to warmth after an adventure in wild weather is one of our favorite feelings!

  4. We know landscapes are a lot easier on the eye in the sunshine, but there is a rugged beauty in the mountains under grey skies, an atmospheric vista that you only get to see if you brave the wind and rain!

  5. Remember jumping in puddles as a child and embracing those muddy walks? As adults, we need to get over bad weather because it is here to stay. Embrace the imperfect conditions and become fitter, healthier and more adaptable in your outdoor life. We promise the rewards are high!

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