5 Reasons to Try Ice Climbing

5 Reasons to try Ice Climbing ❄️

1. Embrace Winter 🧤

Let's face it, Winter can be dull, grey and a bit miserable. We all seem to be longing for those balmy summer days, but why waste 4 months of the year indoors when you could be using the big chill to get out, keep fit, learn a new skill. You might even look forward to Winter's icy gloom!

2. The Gear is AWESOME ⛸

Ice Tools, Crampons, Ice Screws, the list goes on.. traditional mountaineering axes and crampons of the 90's have been developed into modern ice tools - curved, light weight, high-tech and stronger which in turn makes climbing vertical ice much more enjoyable! We know this all sounds very expensive, but do not fear - we have hire gear!

3. Variety 🌨️

Snow and ice are ever-changing environments, no icefall remains the same year on year or even day by day and thats what makes this sport so exciting. It can lead you to some beautiful spots, untouched valleys packed with snow, the ultimate winter wonderland! A sport that is so connected to the shifts in atmosphere can be frustrating at times and not every day delivers but when you get that perfect crisp, bracing winter day... it's seriously rewarding!

4. Great Training 💪

Ice Climbing is a great work out, using almost every muscle in the body and a whole load of core strength for balance, similar to the work out we get from rock climbing, however, hurling an axe at a wall of ice for hours can be even more challenging. It's seriously physical and will most definitely keep you fit for more adventures when summer rolls back round!

5. For Mental Health 🧠

Researchers found a 46.8% increase in testosterone levels in test subjects after using an axe to cut wood, so it's not a stretch to say that swinging an Ice Axe may have a similar effect. Testosterone helps increase lean muscle mass and bone density, and can help ward off conditions like depression and osteoporosis, that goes for both Men and Women!

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